Marie in Oxford for the Gordon Conference (July 2005)

At Queen's College with Sevil and Dilek
Dinner in the dining hall at Queen's College
At Tom Quad inside Christ Church, with Tom Tower (designed by Christopher Wren in 1681) in the background.
The sculpture above the arch leading from the grand staircase to Tom Quad includes a figure of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who founded Christ Church in 1546.
Christ Church's Great Hall was considered for Hogwarts "Great Hall" in the Harry Potter movies, but a set was built instead.
Viewing Oxford from the top of Carfax Tower with Sevil and Dilek
The view down High Street from Carfax Tower
Designed by architect James Gibbs, the Radcliffe Camera is the first round library constructed in England in 1749.
Modeled after Venice's Ponte dei Sospiri, the Bridge of Sighs over New College Lane joins the two sections of Hertford College.
Notice the plaque indicating Robert Boyle's house once sat on this site that is now the Shelley Memorial at University College on High Street.

In a house on this site
between 1655 and 1668 lived
Here he discovered BOYLE'S LAW
and made experiments with an AIR PUMP designed by his assistant
Inventor Scientist and Architect
who made a MICROSCOPE
and thereby first identified


The board at the Turf Tavern, where Bill Clinton hung out while he was a student at Oxford.