Kona on the Big Island (January 2007)

Raccoon Butterflyfish (Kikakapu in Hawaiian) and Yellow Tang (Lau'ipala in Hawaiian) in Kahalu'u Bay
Orangeband Surgeonfish (Na'ena'e in Hawaiian), Yellow Tang, and Moorish Idol (Kihikihi in Hawaiian)
Bullethead Parrotfish (Uhu in Hawaiian) with Convict Tang (Manini in Hawaiian)
Yellow Tang, Orangeband Surgeonfish, and Bullethead Parrotfish
Bluespine Unicornfish (Kala in Hawaiian)

Picasso Triggerfish (Humuhumunukunukuapua'a in Hawaiian), the state fish of Hawaii

A Guineafowl Puffer
Orangespine Unicornfish (Unaumalei in Hawaiian)

A Green Sea Turtle in Kahalu'u Bay

Another Green Sea Turtle rising to the surface
Two Green Sea Turtles
Seahorses at the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Kona, where they raise seahorses for residential aquariums

A pregnant male seahorse rising to the surface

Yes, the male seahorses get pregnant and deliver the offspring.


Audunn watching two seahorses

Click here to download and view a (42MB) video of the seahorses swimming around in the tank

Seahorses are generally monogamous and mate for life, which is why Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm generally sells seahorses in pairs.

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