Memorable Moments in 2009 (and the end of 2008)

Our house after the big snow storm in December 2008

The view of the snowy streets from our house

Cooking at home during the snow storm

This is our cat, Pi. We got her in April 2009. She's part Russian Blue, so she's very smart and demanding. Can you tell she has no problem letting Auðunn know when she needs attention?

When she's not outside hunting bugs or birds, she's usually hanging out in Auðunn's office.

And when she thinks Auðunn works too much, she lets him know he needs to take a break.

This is Pi's second favorite place to nap.

Sometimes Pi likes to help Auðunn with the car.

Is that a bug?!!! Let me get that for you.

Marie weeding in the garden in Spring

Celebrating Dad's 75th birthday in Las Vegas with the family

At Pike Place Fish Market with Mary Ann, Halle, Julia, and Mom in August 2009

Julia and Halle at the Space Needle

With Julia at Kerry Park in Queen Anne

We finally saved up enough to have a patio put in the backyard just in time for Auðunn birthday party.

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